What should I avoid to increase the length of my tan?

Adhesives, exfoliates, bar soaps, massage oils (No Friction!), chlorine (No Pools or Hot Tubs!), long hot showers, shaving, facials, waxing or hair removal products, makeup remover, toners, salicylic acid, not moisturizing at least once a day, excessive sweating, rubbing the towel to dry, using wash cloths or an exfoliating loofah.

Is this going to leave a mess in my house?

Absolutely not. Your technician will come prepared with a pop-up booth, floor mats, and a filtered ventilator that will capture any over-spray within the tent.

What should I wear?

You can wear what makes you comfortable. Tans can be done nude, you may wear disposables, your own undergarments, or bathing suit. Men must be covered; bikini bathing suit, underwear, or swim trunks.

Is spray tanning safe and FDA approved?

Spray tan solution’s main ingredient is DHA, which causes the coloring effect on the skin. DHA is FDA approved for external use and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, The American Academy of Dermatology Association, The Canadian Dermatology Association, and The American Medical Association. Brazilian Spray Tans uses the highest quality, all natural, and PETA approved airbrush spray solution. It has been awarded an Eco-Cert for meeting a high ecological standard. The solution is paraben free, vegan, cruelty free, and nut allergen free.

What is the difference between the rapid solution and 10 hr spray?

They are both the same in general. One is formulated with a specific percentage of DHA for you personally by your technician. This will max out in the interaction with your skin in 10 hours. The spray must be left on for 8 to 10 hrs or longer. The rapid spray has much more DHA in it, so the formulation specifically for you is "time". The longer you leave it on, the darker you will get. However any solution if formulated wrong can make a person orange. It is the experience of the technician to recommend the perfect rinse time or perfect formula for both your skin tone and desire of color. 

Will this make me orange like an Oompa Loompa or streaky?

Besides the high quality solution Brazilian Mobile Tans uses, your technician is experienced and trained to give you a beautiful, even color. Your technician will discuss your tanning goals and formulate the spray to suit your present skin tone, goals, and event. This is very important because not one color fits all. Brazilian Mobile Tans' are guaranteed.

What should I expect when the technician arrives?

The technician will arrive with the necessary supplies. A pop-up tent, extraction fan, and floor mats will be set up in your home or office. The extraction fan will evacuate any extra mist within the tent and send it through a filter. You will discuss color and how you need the tan customized for you. Now time to prep you! Females can tan in the nude, wear a bathing suit or whatever makes them comfortable. Males must at least wear bikini bottoms. Your technician will apply barrier cream to thin-skinned areas or dry patchy areas, such as hands. Neat feet sticky pads are applied to the bottoms of your feet. This blocks any absorption of the spray tan solution to the soles of your feet while moving around in the tent. A shower cap will also be provided to protect your hair. You will be guided on how to stand throughout the process to ensure a nice even tan. The actual spray tan takes about 5 to 10 minutes. Once you're finished, step out and your technician will clean your nails, palms, and soles of your feet. You can then get dressed! Watch our video on our Home page to see it for yourself.

How far will your technicians drive?

Although we provide services for most of Orange County. Anything over 15 miles from our Newport Beach or Fullerton locations may be charged $2 per mile over the 15 mile maximum. Clients are only subjected to a one-way charge. 

How long should I wait to take a shower?

It’s recommended to wait 8-10 hours for the full interaction with the skin. If you use the rapid solution, you only have to wear it for 2 hrs on average. You must be careful with your tan until you rinse.

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