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I’m pretty excited about beginning this blog. I hope to educate people on a wide range of topics that surround the airbrush spray tanning industry. The idea is to help people make educated decisions for what type of tan is best for them, how to take care of their spray tans, how to keep healthy skin, how tanning beds and spray tans work, and how it affects the skin, among many other topics.

A tan has a ton of benefits, including evening out your skin tone; hiding stretch marks, cellulite, blemishes, varicose veins, and other skin imperfections. A tan makes us look and feel healthier, thinner, and more sexy. Tans even allow us girls to wear less makeup! This is all a given. The question for some comes down to: Which is better? Spray tan or tanning bed?

I’ve found that the mystic spray tanning booths are a little less expensive than a custom airbrush spray tan, but other than that, there is no comparison. The mystic machines cannot possibly customize your color or tan. Often clients come to me with an oompa loompa experience caused by Mystic machines. DHA (a colorless sugar) is what gives skin the bronze color with a spray tan. DHA interacts with the amino acids in dead skin cells (the top layer of skin) and causes a color change. Mystic machines and even some airbrush technicians boast different color levels, but considering that skin tones vary from person to person, as well as their amino acids, set color levels can’t give you much of a custom tan. For example, a #4 level spray will not have the same results on every individual because of the differences in each individual. A custom spray tan technician will take your past spray tan results, your skin tone, and your desired color into account when formulating your spray tan.

Both tanning beds and spray tans have awesome benefits in common, but the differences make it a much easier decision. I’m assuming that you want a natural-looking tan that suits your needs, so let’s just take Mystic spray tanning machines out of the equation. Tanning beds require you to leave your house, spend time, money, gas, and mileage to go to a salon, only to wait for a room to be available, and then lay there sweating in awkward positions (to get an even tan). This is done about 3 times a week or more usually. Using tanning beds, as we know, also causes premature aging of the skin (causes wrinkles, fine lines, dry and leathery skin, freckling, sun spots, and assorted types of skin cancer.) Your skin stinks when you’re finished tanning because you literally just finished baking your skin in an oven. The benefits are that it looks good on the short term (as established). If you compare per session cost, tanning bed visits are a little less expensive than spray tanning, and since it tans deeper into the skin, the tan lasts longer. I’m sorry. Call me kooky but the short-term benefits are completely outweighed by such negative long-term effects.

I know I probably seem biased considering I have a custom spray tan business that runs mobile only, but despite how it appears, I am 100% speaking out of experience and feel very strongly about the subject. I used tanning beds starting when I was 18. I am originally from New Jersey and don’t want to sound cliche, but getting as tan as possible was taken serious. At 25 I even had my own tanning bed in my home. All that changed when I was diagnosed with skin cancer on my face! I have come to these conclusions from years of experience and want to save you time, money, and possibly your life.
sun burned skin vs tanning bed



Airbrush spray tans have increasingly gained popularity over the past 20 years and rightly so. A good airbrush spray tan technician makes artistic decisions including color formulation and technique style that suit the client’s needs. Airbrush spray tans are a little more expensive than tanning beds at a per session cost. The life of the tan depends on how well the person follows post-tanning instructions. For example, to make a spray tan last for up to two weeks you:

  • Should not use body wash or moisturizer that has mineral oil or petrolitum in it.

  • You should not use bar soap, especially Dove.

  • Stay away from hot tubs and chlorine.

  • Gently pat dry after a cool to warm shower.

  • Use your hands only to wash your body, no loofahs or wash cloths.

  • Avoid long hot showers.

  • Moisturize at least once or twice a day, especially after you shower.

  • Avoid perfumed moisturizers (Bath & Body Works, Victoria Secret, etc.)

  • Check ingredients in the moisturizer. Avoid mineral oil and petrolitum!

  • Avoid spraying perfume directly on your skin.

So, there are some things to look out for in order to extend the life of your spray tan, which can ultimately save you money. Even though the life of a tan from the sun or tanning bed will usually last longer, your visits to the salon are much more frequent.
A custom airbrush spray tan can be applied conveniently in your home by a mobile service or by going to a tanning salon. Most tanning salons offer airbrush tans now because of the health benefits spray tanning offers, the client gets better results, and the growing popularity of them. It really comes down to a person’s lifestyle and priorities. If you’re a person who values their time, a mobile service is best. If your priority is for the best tan possible, a custom airbrush spray tan is best. If health is your top priority, then custom spray tanning is best. Custom airbrush spray tan technicians usually carry an all organic vegan formula. If it’s finances that are your say-so, then be careful, price point alone does not answer this question. Ask yourself these questions:

How much is your time worth driving back and forth to a salon?
How much gas and mileage are you going to use per month?
How much do you spend on specially formulated tanning bed lotion?

Spray tans are the safest and healthiest way to tan. An airbrush mobile service is most convenient because it is at your choice location, whether it takes place in your home or office. You can get dressed at your convenience. The color naturally and slowly fades over a period of 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the care of the tan. Your color is to your liking, is instant, and gets better throughout the day. You can even get face and body contouring, which brings out your natural features and maybe even exaggerate them a little. Anti-aging (smooths the skin) and slimming (minimizes the appearance of cellulite) are formulas that can be added on to your session. Just ask your technician, they usually offer these extra treatments. Any skin types that normally won’t tan can actually achieve a great natural-looking color, even the most pale!
What We Do

Our double-certified and experienced technicians conveniently come to you, and set-up a portable booth and an extraction fan to remove any extra mist within the booth. This guarantees a mess-free environment. Choose to be sprayed anywhere inside, outside, or even in your shower. The placement of “neat feet” sticky pads ensures the bottom of your feet stay colorless. We not only guarantee our tans, but we also guarantee the highest level of service. This includes educating our clients, professionalism, formulating a custom color for each individual, and to always pay close attention to detail! We leave you with post-tanning instructions to ensure the longest lasting tan and will never leave you with unanswered questions. Spray tan for an event, vacation, photo shoot, prom, or just to have a bronze glow! Invite a friend and save $5 each. Host a party of 5 or more, save $10 each and you tan free! Buy a package and save or get a monthly VIP membership and save even more! See what you can expect by watching our promo video.

Brazilian Mobile Spray Tans serves all of Orange County and parts of Los Angeles. Our mobile spray tan technicians visit Newport Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Tustin, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Fullerton, Yorba Linda, and many other cities. Brazilian airbrush spray tan mobile service serves anywhere 25 miles within Newport Beach and 25 miles of Fullerton. Any area beyond 25 miles of our two locations will be charged a fee of $1 per mile calculated after the first 25 miles. For instance, for Brazilian Spray Tans to visit Beverly Hills, there would be an $18 fee. So, don’t worry, it’s still affordable!

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