Spray Tan Prep & After Care tips

The lasting results of a spray tan and final outcome not only depend on the ph balance of your skin, the quality of the spray solution, and the technique used to spray you, other factors weigh in on your results. Follow this guide for Preparation & Care for your Airbrush Spray Tan for the best long-lasting results!

Before Your Session:

Moisturize for at least two weeks before you are sprayed. This improves the even absorption of DHA. DO NOT moisturize the day of the spray tan.
Wash, condition, and rinse your hair BEFORE prepping your body. Conditioner can leave a barrier on your skin causing streaks.
Exfoliate and shave at least 3 hours prior to your session, never right before. Shaving is important to do before a spray tan because it helps exfoliate and it means you won't have to exfoliate soon after you're tanned, which prolongs the life of your tan. Shavers often have conditioning strips on them. It is recommended to shave before washing your body, so the strip doesn't cause lighter areas or streaking.

 It is recommended to prep the night before for a morning scheduled appointment or at least 3 hours before your appointment. You can use a wash cloth and a NON moisturizing exfoliating wash. (No oils, No extracts, No perfumed washes such as Bath & Body Works products). We recommend using our spa-grade body scrub exfoliating wash to prepare for your tan and body polish for maintenance after your tan.
Do not use perfume directly on your body, moisturizer, makeup, or deodorant.

The Day of Your Session:

Wear dark, loose fitting clothing and flip flops to avoid wiping off your tan before it sets. Although our tanning solution is aloe based and washes out of most materials, dark clothing will avoid bronzer from any visual transference to clothes. Skinny jeans are definitely a no-no.

After the Session:

Avoid activities that cause sweating or contact with water. This could result in lines or an uneven tan.
Wear a long sleeved cotton shirt and cotton pajama pants to avoid transference on bed sheets if you choose to sleep in your spray tan.
It is best to wait to shower 10 hours after a Brazilian session, 4 1/2 hours after a Brazilian Express session, or 2 hours after a super express session. Avoid long hot showers, mineral oil, petrolatum, petroleum and alcohol in your body wash and lotion. Use your hands only with a spray tan safe body wash. Pat dry only! We recommend our body wash hydrating cleanse for safe and long-lasting tan results.
Moisturize once to twice daily to avoid any exfoliation, which can result in uneven fading. We recommend using our tan extender lotion every two to three days. On the off days, we recommend either Hempz lotion or our very own Coconut-in-the-Raw.
Avoid friction such as massage.
Avoid makeup wipes, acne products, and chlorine; hot tubs and pools. Hot tubs are never ok for a spray tan, but if you plan on going in a pool or ocean, be sure to use a water resistant sun block and apply every 2 to 3 hours. The water resistance lotion will protect your tan from salt water and chlorine.


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