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BRAZILIAN SINGLE spray tan SESSION (your home)

$60 Single Tan

2 for $100 New Clients Only

3 for $150

5 for $225

*Packages include $5 Rapid spray (reg, $8) and $5 Contouring (reg. $10) 

fullerton studio rate

$35 Tan

2 for $60 New Clients Only

3 for $90

5 for $125

*Packages include $5 Rapid spray (reg, $8) and $5 Contouring (reg. $10)   

custom Contouring

Basic Body Contouring- $10 Package rate- $5- Best described as turning up the contrast in real life. More depth is created in your natural muscle tone leaving your body looking more fit and toned.

Deluxe Face Contouring- $10 - A small pen sized air brush is used to contour the face creating a look of natural depth as you would with makeup contouring. Includes eyes, nose, forehead, jawline, and cheekbones.

Deluxe Body Contouring- $15 - Pen sized airbrush is used to create high-definition of all of the body's natural muscle tone including cleavage, collar bone, shoulders, biceps, legs, butt, abs, and back. Great for fit models.

Deluxe Face and Body Contouring- $20 - A pen sized airbrush is used to create high-definition on the entire body and face giving chiseled and fit look. Each muscle is specifically defined using natural muscle movement. Great for fit models.

*Yelp Check in Special- Basic Body Contour- New Clients- Free*

Skin treatment add-on                          Moisture Treatment


(Add a moisturizing treatment. Perfect for trips to dry areas like Vegas, Palm Springs, or when you just need some extra moisture to your skin)

quick rinse formula   $8.00

(The most popular formula upgrade. Convenient and comfortable. The average person rinses in 2 hours. With this formula there's no need to worry about getting your hands wet or going on with your day in comfort) 

*Packages include Rapid rinse formula for an additional $5* 

Group Rates

$45.00 each  

Looking for party ideas?
Get the girls together and have an airbrush spray tan party!  

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Brazilian Mobile Tans

1048 Irvine Ave. #183,

Newport Beach, CA 92660

Phone. 949-526-0211



Fullerton Location

2937 Hemlock Place,

Fullerton, CA 92835

Phone. 949-526-0211



Mobile service area is within 15 miles of each location. Any travel outside of service area has a fee of $2 per mile after the first 15 miles. Mobile travel to locations within or outside of service area is discretionary. We ask for at least a 24 hour notice on cancellations. Time is scheduled per person, including service time, and travel time to and from your address. Cancellations with less than 24 hour notice may be subject to a $25 fee upon rebooking.


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