Our Services

$60 Tan (Yelp Check in Special $50.00)

$70 Tan and Body Contour (Yelp Check in Special $55

fullerton studio rate

$35 Tan (Yelp Check in Special $30.00)

custom Contouring

Basic Body Contouring- $10 - Best described as turning up the contrast in real life. More depth is created in your natural muscle tone leaving your body looking more fit and toned.

Deluxe Face Contouring- $10 Just the Cheeks $3 - A small pen sized air brush is used to contour the face creating a look of natural depth as you would with makeup contouring. Includes eyes, nose, forehead, jawline, and cheekbones.

Deluxe Body Contouring- $15 (Great for Fit Models or Photo Shoots)- Pen sized airbrush is used to create high-definition of all of the body's natural muscle tone including cleavage, collar bone, shoulders, biceps, legs, butt, abs, and back.

Deluxe Face and Body Contouring- $20 (Great for Fit Models or Photo Shoots)- A pen sized airbrush is used to create high-definition on the entire body and face giving chiseled and fit look. Each muscle is specifically defined using natural muscle movement.

*Yelp Check in Special- Basic Body Contour for $5*

Moisture Treatment


(Add a moisturizing pre-treatment. Perfect for trips to dry areas like Vegas, Palm Springs, etc.)

Satin Finish (soft glow)

$5.00 ( A satin finish is added into formula. Gives the appearance of soft supple skin.)


$8.00 ( The most popular formula upgrade. Convenient and comfortable. The average person rinses in about 2 hours.)

Extra savings Packages
3 Sessions

Mobile Rate $135.00

($45 each- Savings of $45)

Fullerton Studio Rate $90

($30 each- Savings of $15)

6 Sessions

Mobile Rate $240.00

($40 each - Savings of $120)

Fullerton Studio Rate $150

($25 each- Savings of $60)

Group Packages
Brazilian Parties of 5 or more

Host is Free, Guests are $50.00

Looking for party ideas?
Get the girls together and have an airbrush spray tan party!

VIP Monthly Membership
Up to 1 time per month, 1 FREE treatment


(Regular $65)

Up to 2 times per month and free body contouring


(Regular $140)

Up to 3 times per month, 1 FREE treatment and body contouring


(Regular $225)


One time- $30- 1 free treatment

Two times- $25- free body contouring

Three times- $25- free body contouring plus one treatment


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Brazilian Mobile Tans

1048 Irvine Ave. #183,

Newport Beach, CA 92660

Phone. 949-526-0211



Fullerton Location

2937 Hemlock Place,

Fullerton, CA 92835

Phone. 949-526-0211




Mobile service area is within 15 miles of each location. Any travel outside of service area has a fee of $2 per mile after the first 15 miles. Mobile travel to locations within or outside of service area is discretionary. We ask for at least a 24 hour notice on cancellations. Time is scheduled per person, service time, and travel time to and from your address. Cancellations with less than 24 hour notice may be subject to a $25 fee upon rebooking.


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